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Allahu Akbar I Feel Sad, But I Don't Know WHY I Am Sad

Why do I feel so sad without any reason?

Know whats the scientific Reason Behind This Sadness

Insaan bechain sad hota hai sirf kam ilm ki wajah se. agar aap achih tarha samaj liye ke insaan kab aur kaise sad/happy feel karta hai aur happy aur sad hone ka assal scientific reason kya hai. to insaan kabhi unneccessary sad nahi hoga. so please understand stress haormaone cortisol and happy hormoe serotonin to live a peaceful and happy life.

Jab kabhi aap ko sadness feel horaha hai. to samaj len ke aap ke zehen mein sad hormones cortisol ki tahdad bad gayee hai. isko aap khud hi positive thinking ke zariye asani se theek karsakte ho. jaise agar aap sudden kabhi early morning ya dull climate mein ye sad feel karrahe ho aur aap ko khud maloom nahi padh raha hai ke . I Feel Sad, But I Don't Know WHY I Am Sad. to samaj lo ke aap ke brain mein apne aap sad hormones daud rahe hain. bas aap itna samaj lo ke ye jo mujhe without any reason sadness hai. ye sad hormone cortisol ka khel hai. isko aap positive mein lo. apne aap happy hormone serotonin paida hojayenge. in shaa allah

We are mostly ruled by a cocktail of hormones in our blood. There are different hormones and can have higher or lower levels, of this or that. When they are low, you can feel rather depressed or weak, or sad.

Know whats the Reason Behind Your Emotional Pain

Never forget the three powerful resources available to you. Faith, Hope on Allah and positive attitude.