...And my success is not but from God... (Quran 11 : 88)

Things You Have, It is From Allah

And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allâh....., ( Al Quran 16 :53 )

they know the favour of Allah and then deny it. Most of them are ingrates. ( Al Quran 16 :83 )

Who is he that can provide for you if He should withhold His provision? Nay, but they continue to be in pride, and (they) flee (from the truth). ( Al Quran 67 :21 )

If hard times touch man, he calls on Us. Then, when We favor him with a Our blessing, he says, "I have only been given this only because of my knowledge." In fact, it is only a test, though most of them do not know. (Qur’an 39 : 49 )

...his Lord puts him through a Test by granting him honor and a life of ease, ... (Qur'an 89 : 15)

"While (it is) Allah (Who) has created you and (also) what you have made!" (Quran 37:96)