Types Of Fear ------------ Realize your thoughts are just thoughts. it is nothing but mental DRAMA

Mind Without Fear

It is very important to understand the types of fear for peaceful life.

Fear definition psychology:

Fear - stress response Immediate Danger

Anxiety – stress response Thinking Future Fear (Abnormal Fear)

Phobia : stress response actual no danger

Belief Wala Fear - Dil mein is baat ko jama dena ke ye mujhe jaan se mardega ya zaleel karega ya nuqsan dega ya mera rizq chehen lega etc

Be Normal

1)    Natural Fear :

2)    Wahem/Phobia/Anxiety wala Fear : it is nothing but mental DRAMA

3)    Belief Wala Fear :

1) Natural Fear

Natural fear, like fear from height, darkness lion, snake, rats, cockroaches, etc.. There is nothing wrong with this.

2) Wahem/Anxiety :      Stress response just from your Thoughts!

3) Belief Wala Fear :

Agheede Wala Fear

Siwa e Allah ke kisi aur aur ka darr dil mein jama lena jaise ke ye mujhe mardega, ye mera nuqsan kairega, ye mujhe zaleel karega etc, is tarha ka darr shirk hai,

Kyunke marne wala bachane wala izzat zillat ka nafah nuqsan ka malik sirf Allah hai.

Fear of loss of worldly possessions, such as job, health, poverty, misfortune, etc etc. This kind of fear is forbidden, for it equates the one who is feared with Allah. It makes a person believe that the wealth he/she had was due to him/her, and takes away the faith from destiny, which is accounts to shirk.

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Aye Allah nahi hai koi rokne wala is chiz ko jo to ata kare.

Aur Nahi hai koi dene wala jis chiz ko to rokle.