Hell The Place Of Torture    there will be no escape There will be no relief.


"Surely those who reject Our signs, We will cast them into the Fire. Whenever their skin is burnt completely, We will replace it so they will ˹constantly˺ taste the punishment..." (Qur'an 4 : 56)

When it will see them from a distant place, they will hear (the sounds of) its raging and breathing, and when they will be thrown into a narrow place therein, while they will be chained together, they will call for death. (Qur'an 25 :12 - 13)

The Hell is pursuing him, and he shall be made to drink pus-fluid, which he will arduously sip, and will not be able to swallow. Death will come upon him from every side, yet he will not die, and still a heavy chastisement will be ahead of him. (Qur'an 14 : 16 - 17)

398. Nu`man bin Bashir (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "The least tortured man on the Day of Resurrection is one underneath whose feet will be placed two live coal, and his brain will be boiling, and he would think that he is the most tortured, while he is the least tortured", [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

If you could but see when they are set before the Fire (Hell) and say, “Would that we might return (to the world)! Then we would not reject the verses of our Lord, but we would be of the believers!” (Quran, 6:27)

Allah will punish him with the Greatest Punishment. (Quran 88 : 24)